What if the world was made out of stripes?
What if our eyes could only see through the in-betweens of large long lines?
So much could be lost, like small special details in our lives.
What if they landed right in the middle of your face, keeping me away from your eyes?
What if they covered your mouth, not letting me see you sing or kiss me goodbye?
I am glad my world is not made out of stripes. I am glad I can draw them on you just for fun, and then erase them from sight.

(picture of Miguel by Andy Esteves, lines by me)

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  1. In spite of loving what you’ve done here with the words, I have to remind you a great sentence of Saint-Exupéry: «one can see rightly only with the heart». Even if you lived on a striped world, your ♥ would have a global and non-striped vision. ♫♩♫♭