Há um ano atrás... // A year ago...

É tão bom encontrar um cartão perdido!
As fotografias que vêem acima foram tiradas há um ano atrás, quando eu e o Miguel fomos aos Açores. Temos tantas tantas.
São mágicas, e estou tão feliz por as termos recuperado.
Já vos aconteceu disto alguma vez? :)

It is sooo good to find a lost SD Card!
The pics you can see above were taken a year ago when me and Miguel went to the Azores on vacation. We now have so many.
They are magical to me, and I am so happy that we've found them.
Has this ever happened to you? :)

2 comentários:

  1. Muy Bueno!
    It's always fun to find old pictures! I recently lost an SD card in a river up on a mountain in Colorado. It was so sad. I don't think there's much of a chance of finding it. It was a new one, though so didn't have many pictures on it yet. It looks like you had a lovely vacation on the sea shore!

    1. Thanks Hanna! This SD card had 4GB of pictures and we were so sad when we lost it.
      Luckily, it was just standing under lots of CDs my boyfriend keeps around in his study... as he doesn't really like to clean his CDs, it took us a year to finally find it!
      This vacation were really special to me, and if you've never been in the Portuguese islands of the Azores, put it on your wish list, cause they are really worthy.

      Thanks for stoping by!